Protene® Organic Fertilizer


Protene® Fertilizer

ANTG Research & Development, a world leader in nutrient technology, with exports to countries around the globe, has just released a new fertilizer line into the US market. Protene® fertilizers have been developed to satisfy a growing need for more environmentally friendly and cost effective fertilizers for the US market. In these days of when “every buck counts.”

Protene® extends your dollar further.

The patented and unique technology behind Protene® allows the fertilizer to release nutrients over a prolonged period, in most cases 100-120 days. Most current fertilizers, both organic and mineral, claim “slow release” activity, but in truth, the nitrogen releases slowly and the other nutrients are left to the mercy of the environment. Protene’s® “in-situ” method of creating amino-methylene urea, fuses all nutrients into the same granule, allowing nutrients to release evenly.

According to scientists at ANTG-RD, the technology was developed to address the fact that various US states are becoming more concerned about the negative aspects of cheaply produced mineral and organic fertilizers that allow run-off into the surrounding environment. They had become aware of this fact some time ago, and have spent years perfecting the manufacturing process to where they believe that it is “true controlled release.”

Most commonly used fertilizers have minor nutrients (i.e. iron, manganese, zinc) that are not incorporated into the granule, and when the granule comes into contact with water, the nutrients solubilize and release immediately, and the only slow release component left is the nitrogen. In the case of natural organic fertilizers, both manure and meal, the release curve is “almost impossible to predict.” In cooler soil, some fractions of natural organic fertilizers may take months to release the nutrients, and may not release during the whole course of a season. “We have looked for better components to build organic and hybrid fertilizers, and through our associations with the nutrient world, we have accessed some unique organic proteins that are neither manure or animal protein. They make ideal components for efficient fertilizers.”

One of the key nutrients used in Protene® fertilizers has a component of soluble amino acids that makes part of the nitrogen readily available, meaning a much quicker nitrogen response; the remainder of the nitrogen will be seasonally available. Protene’s® natural organic source can be homogenized with other inorganic or organic ingredients to produce all natural or hybrid fertilizers. “This is a real breakthrough in fertilizer technology, and we at ANTG-RD believe we will revolutionize the professional turf and golf industry.”

One other aspect of all our fertilizers is the inclusion of humate. The ability of humate to sequester bound up nutrients from the soil has been well documented, and we include it in all our formulas. The humate fraction in Protene® fertilizer is rich in humic and fulvic acids, and has a chelated iron component. Protene® fertilizers are competitively priced, and provide true value for the discerning turf professional. At ANTG-RD, if it’s not 100% right, it doesn’t make it out the door!