Total Control

The idea of “Total Control” came about when the scientists at Protene® realized that the nature of the fertilizer industry was changing due to restrictions being placed on professionals in the golf, sports turf and landscape industries. We all know that various state regulators are becoming more concerned with “nutrient run-off” and the pollution of water ways and aquifers. We also all know that overall,  it is not “us” (the professional turf and landscape industry) that is to blame for the amount of nutrients being released into our waterways. We have more regulations to comply with than any home owner ever will; but it has become our responsibility to make sure we do manage our own destinies. It is our industry’s role to become leaders and stewards in nutrient management.

The scientists at Protene® saw this coming years ago, and looked carefully at what was available in the professional market. According to the head researcher at Protene®, the main problem was that no fertilizer manufacturer was putting any real research into controlling anything other than nitrogen; the rest of the nutrients in fertilizers were left to the mercy of the environment and if environmental conditions are not right, who knows how long a controlled release fertilizer will release its nutrients and how much finishes up in the “ditch.” It became obvious to them that the key to making an environmentally responsible, but performance based fertilizer was ensuring that ALL nutrients would release over a pre-determined period, not just the nitrogen.

“It took us years and many sleepless nights to come up with the right set of circumstances, to where we were confident we had a winner, that is, we had a fertilizer that was totally predictable, totally homogeneous, and that released all nutrients in tandem”

“See, the problem was, that the technology out there only controlled the nitrogen release. Our charge was to control everything, not just with coating the granule with plastic, but controlling the release through a marriage of technology and nature… that’s how ‘In-situ methylene urea reactionary granulation®’ evolved”

“We now have a technology that nature determines how, and when, to release all the nutrients as the plant or turf needs it. Our granulation method ensures granular integrity throughout the duration of the fertilizer performance, normally 128 days, depending on the geographical area, and various soil types.”

“This is totally unique in the US and European markets, we really do put the professional in ‘Total Control’”

How It Works

Protene® fertilizers formulate their own methylene urea on site, unlike the majority of manufacturers who buy it as a raw material, usually in a mini granule. Other manufacturers then pan granulate, or roll the various components together in a big, rotating circular pan, i.e. the MU with other nutrients (P, K, zinc, iron, manganese, etc.) using a water soluble binder to tack it all together. The two big problems with this technique are the inconsistency in the blending and granulating of the components, and the water soluble binder releasing the nutrients too quickly and too inconsistently. The diagrams below demonstrates the possible make up of a granule that is pan granulated, and then what’s left after irrigation.

Diagram 1. Pan Granulated MU fertilizer with phosphorous and potassium and a minors package

Diagram 2. What’s left after a heavy downpour or over-irrigation?

According to chief researcher at Protene®, the problem with this process is that when the irrigation is turned on, or when it starts to rain, the water soluble binder starts to release not only the binder, put the phosphorous, the potassium and any minor nutrients that may have been included in the package. The MU is still intact, but everything else is gone…where to? Well I think you know where!

Protene® does not pan granulate, we use a propriety process that re-acts (creates) the methylene urea as part of the granulation process, when homogenizing all the components together. What we finish up with is a totally homogeneous granule that is bonded together by the methylene urea! Now as you know, methylene urea can only release via microbial activity in the soil, in other words, nature; so soil microbes do the controlling of the release, not the weather, or how much you over irrigate or do not irrigate the fertilizer on the ground.

In other words, all our fertilizers, like the 20-0-5 + 4% Fe + minors (below), will release a proportional amount of ALL the nutrients as the nitrogen component is solubilized by microbial activity. We do use a small amount of readily available nutrients like ammonium sulfate, urea and ferrous sulfate so as you see quick results, but the bigger proportion (up to 73%) will release over 128 days, in a homogenous flow. In the case of the “all natural organic” versions of our line, the L-Amino Acids produced by protein hydrolysate we used as a binder and component does a similar job in the soil, it releases the nutrients as the microbes solubilize the protein. So we put you in total control of our fertilizers, be it organic, hybrid, or mineral (even our mineral fertilizers are complexed with L-Amino Acids from protein hydrolysate).

Diagram 3. This is a Protene™ granule that will release nutrients evenly and predictably

Diagram 4. As water begins the process of nutrient release, microbes take over and release the remainder. Granular integrity is maintained throughout the life of the fertilizer.

Whether you are a golf course superintendent, a sports turf manager or a landscape professional, Protene® fertilizer is the right choice if you are looking for performance AND control…TOTAL CONTROL.