Total Organic

Total Organic is a new approach to constructing organic fertilizers


Protene® 10-0-0

Like our Total Control hybrid and mineral fertilizers, Total Organic employs a similar granulation process. But in Total Organic, the binder we use to control release is a combination of L-Amino Acid based microbial protein and a combination of short and long chain saccarhides. Instead of MU acting as the bonding and release agent, as in the hybrids and mineral versions, the L-Amino Acid based protein acts in very much the same way. The only way the granule can be broken down and in turn solubilize all the nutrients, is by soil microbial activity.

One of the real advantages of our all natural organic fertilizers is the solubility of the amino acids. Many companies selling organic fertilizers will show you an amino acid profile, but what they won’t show you is a release curve, because they know that some organic fractions are VERY slow to release (feather meal, bone meal and particularly CURED manure or sewerage bio-solids). The amino acid profile we use is very soluble so with our organic fertilizers we use a combination of fast, medium and slow components, so that you the operator or turf professional will see a quicker yet sustained response.

In cooler climates, organic fertilizers can take forever, in fact according to the chief researcher at Protene®, “some components of the organic fertilizers sold in this country will not release during the whole course of a season. In the case of the cheaper cured manures (if they stink they’re cured NOT composted), you may start to see ‘black layer,’ particularly in fine turf and golf greens, as a result of the manure being cooked too long and at extreme temperatures the nutrients tend to become bound up, and very hard for the microbes to solubilize and break down. So what you see over a period of time is build up of anaerobic organic matter than can be very hard to eliminate and can be very damaging to the quality of the turf. At Protene® we do not use any manure or sewerage sludge, we use only premium meals and L-Amino Acid based microbial protein. You can’t build performance fertilizers if you can’t predict the release, period!”

“One of the problems we had in developing a ‘performance’ organic fertilizer in the past was the release curve was too slow. By using the L-Amino Acid based microbial protein to help not only with chelation, but with the nitrogen component, we have solved the problem. Our organic fertilizers give a quick, yet sustained response. They represent true value as our fertilizers go a long way, and in many cases the application rate can be seriously reduced.”

All the components of the Protene® organic line are premium grade. In fact, the amino acids are the same as used in human consumption products like body builders supplements.

If you want the best performance out of your organic program, we highly recommend checking out the Protene® organic line.

Organic Nutrients Resulting in Products that Green-up with Minimal Growth

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