Why Protene?

Learn more about the benefits of Protene®

This is a summary of the benefits of the Protene® line of Hybrid, Mineral and Organic fertilizers. For a full description of the process and release mechanism, please look at the Total Control Section or Total Organic Section.

Benefits Of Total Control Hybrid and Mineral fertilizers

  • Predictability of release
  • Control release of ALL nutrients, not just nitrogen
  • Reduction in the amount of nutrients that will be lost to the surrounding environment
  • Performance oriented: our fertilizers are designed with performance as a pre-requisite
  • Cost saving as more nutrients will make it into the turf or plants, and in most cases, reduced rates can be used, without compromising performance
  • Absolute minimum mower roller pick up on golf greens
  • Can be used in all climatic zones
  • Can be used on all turf types
  • Can be used on any plant or tree species
  • Will not burn or scorch
  • Will not stain or “speckle” greens

Benefits of Total Organic

  • Totally unique granulation process
  • Used organic components not found in cheaper organic fertilizers
  • Predictability of release
  • Control release of ALL nutrients
  • Reduction of nutrient run-off
  • Will not cause black layer or layering in fine turf
  • Very cost effective due to efficiency and reduced inputs
  • Truly a “performance organic”
  • Can be used in all climates on all turf or plant species
  • Will never burn or scorch turf or delicate plant roots
  • Can be used as a complete program, or as part of an overall responsible fertilizer program